Jordon McDonald and Zoey Terrick, Teams Manitoba in the New Holland Canadian Junior, both won their bronze medal games Sunday.

Team Terrick finished second in their pool and won their initial playoff game but lost the semi-final to fall into the bronze game. Alberta beat Newfoundland-Labrador, who had beaten Manitoba, in the gold medal game. Manitoba beat Ontario for the medal.

Team McDonald topped their pool undefeated but lost their first game of the week in the semi-final – a 7-6 extra end loss to Northern Ontario. Alberta beat NONT in the gold game while McDonald’s team defeated Ontario in the bronze match.

(Saturday, April 1, 10PM) MCDONALD TO PLAY FOR BRONZE Jordon McDonald and Team Manitoba will play for Bronze at the Canadian Juniors. Team McDonald lost 7-6 on an extra end to Northern Ontario in their playoff meeting – first loss of the week for the Manitobans. Jace Freeman’s Manitoba 2 team lost in the playoff qualifying round and finishes out of the medal chase.

Zoey Terrick will play Sunday morning in a semi-final game. Grace Beaudry missed the playoffs.

Jordon McDonald’s foursome is the only undefeated team on the Canadian Junior championship.

(Friday Update) THREE MANITOBA JUNIOR TEAMS WILL ADVANCE TO PLAYOFFS, THE FOURTH STILL COULD Undefeated Jordon McDonald (7W-0L), Jace Freeman with a 6W-1L record and Zoey Terrick also with a 6W-1L record are all assured of advancing to the playoff round at the New Holland Canadian Juniors. With a game yet to play, all three teams will finish in the top three of their pools, the finish required to advance.

Grace Beaudry, after two losses in the first three games, has rebounded to a 4W-2L record. With two games yet to play, the Beaudry team can still finish third in their pool and advance to the playoffs.

(Tuesday, March 28, 11:30PM) MCDONALD, FREEMAN BOTH UNDEFEATED AT CANADIAN JUNIORS Manitoba’s two teams, the teams skipped by Jordon McDonald and Jace Freeman, both have 4W-0L records at the New Holland Canadian Juniors in Quebec.

The two teams are competing in the same pool. They will face off on Wednesday evening. It will be the only game of the day for Team Freeman while Team McDonald will play a game earlier in the day.

In the Junior Women’s competition, Manitoba’s Zoey Terrick team has a 3W-1L record in their first four games while, in the other pool, Grace Beaudry’s team has a 1W-2L record going into competition Wednesday.

Jordon McDonald, Reece Hamm, Elias Huminicki, Cam Olafson, 5th Tanner Graham, Coach Blaine Malo (PHOTO: Curling Canada-Christian Leduc)
Jace Freeman, Thomas McGillivray, Ryan Ostrowsky, Aaron MacDonell, 5th Alexandre Fontaine, Coach Graham Freeman (PHOTO: Curling Canada-Christian Leduc)
Zoey Terrick, Jaycee Terrick, Jensen Letham, Tessa Terrick, 5th Taylor Letham, Coach Clint Cullen (PHOTO: Curling Canada-Christian Leduc)
Grace Beaudry, Emily Ogg, Madelyn Hollins, Mackenzie Arbuckle, 5th Julia Millan, Coach Cal Edie (PHOTO: Curling Canada-Christian Leduc)

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