Four of ten Manitoba teams advanced to the Sunday playoffs at the Canadian Stick Championships in Nanaimo but only one was able to bring home a medal.

St. Vital’s Gewen Smith & Lynne Rehbein receive Canadian Bronze Medals from Canadian Stick Ass’n President Randy Olson

That medal was assured when the bronze medal game was a re-match of the Manitoba Women’s championship final game. This time around, Gwen Smith & Lynne Rehbein (St. Vital) defeated Val Kolsun and Lorna Marr (Springfield).

In the Open Division, Manitoba champions Warren Johnson & Dan McDonald (St. Vital) were eliminated in the round of 16 while defending Canadian champions Norm Magnusson & Resby Coutts advanced one step further.

Magnusson-Coutts lost a 3-2 quarter-final to McDougall-Dyke (Nova Scotia). A near perfect game by both teams saw the Nova Scotians with last rock coming home tied and McDougall’s draw to the open rings stopped with a2 inch bite of the back 12 foot circle.

Norm Magnusson & Resby Coutts receive “qualifier” congratulations from Randy Olson

The Nova Scotia team advanced to the gold medal game where they lost to Keith Bennett-Paul Landry, also from Nova Scotia.

The Women’s gold medal was won by Rich-Radcliffe, British Columbia.

Former Manitoba Brad Childe finished 4-1 and advanced to the first round of playoffs. He was awarded the Open event Sportsmanship Award.

The Round Robin Records of the ten Manitoba teams were:
WOMEN 4-1: Val Kolsun-Lorna Marr
WOMEN 3-2: Gwen Smith-Lynne Rehbein
WOMEN 1-4: Darlene Maywood-Mel Shura

OPEN 4-1:Warren Johnson-Dan McDonald
OPEN 4-1: Norm Magnusson-Resby Coutts
OPEN 2-3: Don Fischer-Grant Nicolson
OPEN 2-3: Fred & Britta Spiring
OPEN 2:3: Jim & Keren Rouse
OPEN 1-4: Ken & Shirley Strand
OPEN 1-4: Tom & Rae Campbell

Smiles after a Manitoba final re-match in the Canadian Bronze Medal game: Lorna Marr, Gwen Smith, Lynne Rehbein, Val Kolsun

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