Team Freeman- Curling Canada/Katelyn Malo photo

Update (9:30PM) Jace Freeman’s Team Manitoba scored a 6 on the sixth end, trailing 5-1 at the time, and went on to win their first round playoff game . Team Freeman will play Alberta’s undefeated Zachary Davies at 8:30AM Friday morning (Ontario time).

Grace Beaudry’s Manitoba #2 team fell short in their playoff game, a 6-4 loss to the Newfoundland-Labrador team and have been eliminated.

(Thursday, February 9, 4PM) FREEMAN & BEAUDRY ADVANCE TO U-18 PLAYOFFS: Jace Freeman and his Team Manitoba have finished the preliminary round of play at the Canadian U-18 Championships in Timmins with a 4W-2L record, good enough to advance to the playoff round.

Team Beaudry- Curling Canada/Katelyn Malo photo

In the straight knock-out 12-team playoff, all teams start over. Freeman (Elias Huminicki, Jack Steski, Rylan Graham, Coach Graham Freeman) will play Raphael Tremblay-Quebec in their first game with the winner advancing against Alberta’s Zachary Davies. Tremblay had a 4W-2L record while Davies was undefeated in the preliminary round.

Ronan Peterson’s Manitoba #2 team finished out of the playoffs with a 3W-3L record.

On the U-18 Women’s side of the event, Grace Beaudry’s Manitoba #2 team (Cassidy Dundas, Lauren Evason, Tessa Terrick, Coach Guy Beaudry) also finished with a 4W-2L record. They have advanced to the playoffs as well.

The opening game for the Beaudry foursome in the straight knockout playoff will be against Cailey Locke-Newfoundland/Labrador with the winner advancing against Anne-Sophie Gionest-Quebec.

Locke’s record was 3W-3L and Gionest was 5W-1L in the preliminary round.

Dayna Wahl’s Team Manitoba finished with a 1W-4L record and out of the playoffs.

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