A total of nine teams, seven from Winnipeg along with teams from the Morden and Plum Coulee Fire Departments, contested the Manitoba Firefighters Championship this weekend at Fort Rouge.

Winnipeg firefighter Dan Michalchuk became a three time winner of the Manitoba Firefighters Championship when his team won the final game tonight. Michalchuk , the 2014 and 2017 champion skip, was accompanied by Kris Rosolowich (2015 Manitoba and Canadian Champion), Jeff Phillips, and Ryan Smithson.

2023 Champions: Dan Michalchuk, Kris Rosolowich, Jeff Phillips Ryan Smithson, Director Shayne Cormier (Bob Poole Photo)

They went undefeated through the championship, winning three round-robin games, the Page 1-1 game and the final over the Ken Dusablon team. The Dusablon team was skipped by retired Winnipeg firefighter Gord Cole, with Dusablon absent due to covid.

In the Page 1-1 game, the Michalchuk foursome defeated Mike Mikulik’s team. The Mikulik foursome had also been unbeaten in their three round-robin games. They lost the semi-final to the Dusablon/Cole team who had advanced from the Page 2-2 game. In that game, they had defeated Len Krisko, the defending champion who had also won the title in 2016.

For a complete history of the Manitoba Firefighters Championship, visit mffca.ca

For a complete history of the Canadian Firefighters Championship, visit cffca.ca

Since the Canadian Championship began in 1960, Manitoba has won five times. With thanks to the CFFCA and the association’s website, those winners are:

2015: Winnipeg Fire DepartmentCFFCA Director – Guy Senecal,
Lead – Kris Rosolowich, Second – Jamie Pachkowsky,
Third – Daryl Bjornson, Skip – Ryan Lalonde
2006: Winnipeg Fire DepartmentSkip – Glenn Hobson, (sitting);
Lead – Ward Hobson, 5th/Asst. Director – Ken MacLeod,  
Second/CFFCA Director – Bob (S.R.) Poole, Third – Ken Dusablon
2002: Benito Fire Department.Skip – Rick Kinaschuk, Third – Byron Zbirun,
Second – Bev Stewart, Lead – Pat Bartok (top left Manitoba CFFCA Director Gord Cole)
1889: Winnipeg Fire DepartmentCFFCA Director – Reyn Klassen, Third – Ken Sim, Skip – Ernie Kovacs, Lead – Brian McGuire, Second – Bob Porter
1964: Winnipeg Fire Department – Presenter – Aubrey Neff
Skip – John McCorrister, Third – Gary Fenske,

Second – Al Schultz, Lead – Earl Kummerfield

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