In their first competition after becoming eligible to compete in 60+ Masters qualifying, reigning Manitoba Senior champions and former World Senior Silver medalists, Randy Neufeld, Peter Nicholls and Dale Michie have won their berth in the provincial Masters in Thompson.

With Darren Oryniak subbing for Dean Moxham (who is still underage for this competition), Team Neufeld had the first draw bye in the seven team event at Fort Rouge. They won their opener, lost their next to Mike Mahon to drop into the playoff semifinal, then won the semi-final over Allan Gitzel.

The final against Mahon was tied at 2-2 after five ends. With a lot of rocks in play, Mahon was faced with a series of challenging shots through the final three ends. On the sixth (see picture), Neufeld stole a single when Mahon’s yellow-green-green raise slid through between the two yellow stones in the rings – a steal of one rather than a possible three.

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