Warren Johnson & Dan McDonald are the only unbeaten team at the completion of round robin play in the first Red River Valley Stick Spiel in Morris. The St. Vital team competed a nearly perfect preliminary round with a nearly perfect 5 wins and a tie – making them the only team not to suffer defeat.

They advance to the Sunday playoff round as the #1 seed. In the 10AM Sunday quarterfinals, Johnson-McDonald will play Herb Sulkers-Harold Peterson (East St. Paul).

Second seed Norm Magnusson & Resby Coutts (Fort Rouge), who topped the red pool with four wins and a tie, will play Ken & Shirley Strand (St. Vital).

Third seed Lorne & Chris Hamblin (Morris), who topped the green pool with a four wins in six games, will play Cam & Lynne McMillan (Fort Rouge).

In the fourth quarter-final, Greg & Mike Harding ( Springfield) will play Tom & Rae Campbell (Killarney).

The final rounds of play in the bonspiel sorted out the playoffs mostly based on win-loss-tie records and then wins against opponent to break ties. However, the Draw to Button totals were used to break a couple of the ties to establish the playoff draw.

The playoff seeds are:

#1 seed: Warren Johnson-Dan McDonald 5 wins and a tie
#2 seed: Norm Magnusson-Resby Coutts 4 wins and a tie
#3 seed: Lorne-Chris Hamblin 4 wins

POOL #2’s
#4 seed: Tom & Rae Campbell 4 wins and a tie
#5 seed: Greg & Mike Harding 4 wins
#6 seed: Ian & Lynne McMillan 4 wins

POOL #3’s
#7 seed: Ken & Shirley Strand 3 wins and 2 ties
#8 seed: Herb Sulkers-Harold Peterson 3 wins
#9 seed ($50 consolation prize): Ralph Nespor-Jim Webster

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