Warren Johnson and Dan McDonald (St Vital) have 4 wins and a tie to lead the pack at the first Red River Valley Stick Spiel. Tom & Rae Campbell (Killarney) are in second place in the blue pool with 3 wins and a tie.

Logjams in the red nd green pools will be resolved on four round robin draws yet to be played today.

(NOVEMBER 11 – 9pm) MORRIS TEAM SURPRISES ON DAY ONE AT RED RIVER VALLEY STICK SPIEL Home ice may be an advantage for Lorne & Chris Hamblin, veteran international coaches and curling instructors at the Cargill Curling Training Centre in Morris. Relative novices in the two-person stick game, the Hamblins lead their 7-team pool with a 3W-1L record after day #1 of the Red River Valley Stick Spiel in Morris.

Behind the Hamblins in the green pool are four teams who posted two wins on Friday.

The only undefeated team was the St Vital team of Warren Johnson and Dan McDonald who won their three games on day #1. Four teams with two wins also share second place in the green pool.

In the red pool, Jim Rouse and Ross MacMillan (Warren-Marquette) lead the way with two wins in three games. Four teams are also tied for second in this group – each with a win and a tie on the first day of play.

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