Curl Moncton is hosting a pair of national 2-person Stick Curling Championships this weekend – an Open which encompasses 27 mixed and men’s teams and a Women’s event which includes eight women’s teams.

The Open represents the unique nature of this version of the sport: the opportunity for a completely age, gender, and abilities neutral competition as men-women, young-old, wheelchair and fully mobile curlers compete equally on the field of play at the same time.

On the two championships, there is provincial representation from nine provinces. The representation is:
BC: 6 Teams (4 Open – 2 Women)
Alberta: 5 Teams (3 Open – 2 Women)
Saskatchewan: 3 Teams
Manitoba: 5 Teams (4 Open – 1 Women)
Ontario: 2 Teams (2 Open)
Quebec: 1 Team (1 Open)
New Brunswick: 5 Teams (5 Open)
PEI: 3 Teams (1 Open – 2 Women)
Nova Scotia: 4 Teams (3 Open – 1 Women)

In the Canadian Stick Curling Association Annual Meeting, President Randy Olson ran an efficient meeting which dealt with the usual association concerns relating to approval of constitution and by-laws and review of rules – important details at the first AGM of the organization formally constituted over the past year.

The CSCA’s Host site selection committee recommended that the 2023 national events will be played in Nanaimo, BC and the 2024 events will be played at the Leaside club in Toronto.

In the election of Directors, NB’s Sherril Minns concluded an initial one-year term and was re-elected. Manitoban Warren Johnson completed his initial one-year term and decided not to continue. He has been replaced by your writer. Continuing on the Executive are Randy Olson (AB), Britta Spiring (MB), and Bruce Densmore (NS).