No Medals for Manitoba At Club Nationals

Photo – Curling Canada/Jack Gustafson

(December 3) Trevor Loreth and his Granite team and Deb McCreanor’s La Salle team have fallen short in their attempt to medal at the Everest Club Nationals in Ottawa.

After Team Loreth lost the opening playoff round to Quebec’s Phillipe Menard, they dropped to the “B” side of the playoff and posted a victory over Mark Noseworthy’s Nfld-Labrador team. Hey lost their elimination game they lost to Nicolas Deagle and his Nova Scotia team.

Photo – Curling Canada/Jack Gustafson

Team McCreanor had playoff losses to Julia Goodin of New Brunswick and Tiffany Steuber and her Alberta team.

No need to wait a year as usally must happen. The 2022 CurlManitoba Nature’s Bounty Club Championship will take place at Charleswood CC in March with regional qualifying in February

(December 2) BOTH MANITOBA TEAMS ADVANCE TO PLAYOFFS IN OTTAWA … Trevor Loreth and his Granite team on a pair of games on the final day of round-robin play to finish the Everest Club Championships first round of play with a perfect 6W-0L record. They advance to an eight-team double knockout payoff round and begin play Friday morning at 11:30 against Phillipe Menard of Quebec who finished 4W-2L..

Deb McCreanor and her La Salle team have also advanced to the playoff round – on the women’s side, a six-team double knock-out. They finished with a loss Thursday and a 3W-3L record – good enough for third place in their pool. They will play New Brunswick’s Julia Goodin who also finished 4W-2L.

(December 1) LORETH 4-0, MCCREANOR 3-2 AFTER DAY #3 IN OTTAWA .. Trevor Loreth’s Manitobans lead their pool with a perfect 4W-0L record at the national Club Championship in Ottawa. The Granite team won a pair today, 9-3 over BC and 6-3 over New Brunswick.

They complete their round-robin Thursday with games against Nova Scotia (3-1) and Northern Ontario (0-4).

The 4W-0L record has the Manitoba men on top of their pool with a strong possibility of being among the three teams who advance to the playoffs from their group. The Nova Scotia game Thursday on the early morning draw will be a key, as Nova Scotia is currently in second place. A Manitoba win would guarantee they advance to playoffs.

Deb McCreanor’s La Salle team split two games on Wednesday and have a 3W-2L record with a game to play tomorrow. Today’s win was a 5-4 victory over Saskatchewan, thanks to a three-ender coming home. The loss was an 8-4 defeat by previously winless Nunavut. They play undefeated Alberta on Thursday.

The Manitoba women currently rank third in their pool. Three teams advance to the playoffs from each pool so they are still in contention.

(November 30) DAY 2 RESULTS FOR MANITOBANS AT CLUB CHAMPIONS IN OTTAWA .. Granite’s Trevor Loreth team has a 2W-0L record and sits alone at the top of their pool in the Everest Club Championship in Ottawa. Team Loreth posted a 7-3 victory over North West Territories on Tuesday. They will play two games Wednesday, against BC (1W-1L) and New Brunswick (2W-1L)

On the women’s side of the event, Deb McCreanor’s La Salle team split a pair of games Tuesday. They won 7-4 over PEI (0W-2L) but lost 8-2 to Northern Ontario (2W-0L). They will play two games Wednesday, against Saskatchewan (1W-1L) and Nunavut (0W-3L)

(November 29) MANITOBANS START WITH WINS AT CLUB CHAMPIONS IN OTTAWA .. Manitoba’s champions, Deb McCreanor and Trevor Loreth, and their teams have started strong at the Everest Club Championships in Ottawa. Both Manitoba teams opened play Monday with wins over Newfoundland -Labrador.

Loreth’s Granite team (Brad Haight, Ryan Lowdon, Brett Cawson) were 8-5 winners over a Nfld-Labrador team with an interesting Manitoba connection. Forty years ago, skip Mark Noseworthy skipped the Newfoundland team at the 1982 Labatt Brier in Brandon.

Manitoba has yet to win the Men’s division of the Clubs Championship.

McCreanor’s La Salle team (Trisha Hill, Michelle Buchanan, Jennifer Cawson) was a 7-4 winner over Nfld-Labrador Monday afternoon. Manitoba has won the Canadian title four times – Meghan Armit (2011), Stacey Fordyce (2013 & 2017), and Tracy Andries (2016)

The 14 men’s and 14 women’s teams will be split into two seven-team round-robin pools. After a single round-robin, the top three teams in each pool will make the modified double-knockout playoffs, which begin Friday, Dec. 3, at 9 a.m. (all times Eastern). 

The championship semifinals are scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 4, at 9 a.m., and the semifinal winners will play for gold, and the losers will play for bronze later that day at 2 p.m.


It took until the conclusion of the 9PM Saturday draw, the final round robin draw of the event, to sort out the playoff positions in Pools C & D of the Manitoba Men’s Club Championship underway at the Brandon Curling Club.

In Pool C, Brett MacDonald (Fort Rouge) earned first place with a 5W-1L record by beating Dale Fust (LaSalle) on the late draw. Fust ended round robin play at 4W-2L along with Derek Blanchard (AMCC) and Mark Anderson (Riverview). The second place team is determined based on head to head results which show Fust defeated both Blanchard and Anderson.

In Pool D, Travis Taylor (Brandon) and Andrew Irving (Fort Rouge) won late draw games to finish at 5W-1L to earn the two playoff spots from their group. Allan Croy (Petersfield) and Kelly Marnoch (Carberry) finished at 4W-2 L and out of the playoffs.

Earlier, a Trevor Loreth (Granite) 5-2 win over Kyle Forsyth (Dauphin) earned Loreth the second playoff spot from Pool B with a 5W-1L record. Corey Anderson (Charleswood) had already locked up the first spot with a perfect 6W-OL record.

At the same time as Loreth was winning, in Pool A, Paul Scinocca (St. Vital) posted a 6-2 win over Graham McFarlane (AMCC) giving both a 5W-1L record and the two playoff spots from the pool. The Scinocca win eliminated both Jesse McCullough (Fort Garry) and Darren Perche (Charleswood) who won their final games to improve to 4W-2L.

In the playoff quarterfinals at 9AM Sunday, Scinocca plays Taylor, MacDonald plays Loreth, Irving plays McFarlane, and Anderson plays Fust.

In the Women’s Championship, Stacey Fordyce (Brandon) has completed a perfect 5W-0L round robin and will advance to the playoffs Sunday. The other three playoff positions will be determined on the 9AM draw Sunday. Deb McCreanor (LaSalle) has a 4W-0L record and is assured of advancing. In Pool A, Betty Buurma (Carberry) plays Patti Ulrich (St. Vital). The winner will improve to 4W-1L and grab the second spot from that pool. Judy Colwell (East St. Paul) has a 3W-2L record while Liza Park (Deloraine) is at 3W-1L with a game to play.

(3PM: October 30) MCCREANOR, FORDYCE STILL PERFECT IN WOMEN’S CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS With three games yet to play as Nature’s Bounty Women’s Club Championship play began Saturday, former champion Deb McCreanor (LaSalle) had a perfect 2W-0L record, tied with Betty Buurma (Carberry).

The two met on the noon draw at Brandon Curling Club, knowing the winner would gain a real advantage looking to tomorrow’s playoff round as only two teams from each round-robin pool will advance.

McCreanor jumped out to a 4-0, three end lead before Buurma scored a single, with a double kill up the centre line facing three. The final score was 7-2 as McCreanor improved to 3W-0L. Patti Ulrich (St. Vital) sits at 3W-1L after a noon draw win over Kristin McLellan (Brandon).

In the other Women’s pool, former three time champion Stacey Fordyce and her Brandon team lead the way with a perfect 3W-0L record. Liza Park (Deloraine) and Judy Colwell (East St. Paul) have 2W-1L records. Fordyce plays Colwell on the 2:30PM draw in a game that will have a big impact on playoff positions.


(2PM: October 30) ANDERSON, LORETH, MCFARLANE ALL CLAIM PLAYOFF SPOTS Trevor Loreth and his Granite team bounced back from last night’s loss to beat Brooks Freeman (Virden) on the Nature’s Bounty Men’s Club Championship noon draw in Brandon. At 4-1, Loreth trails Corey Anderson (Charleswood) in Pool B whose record is a perfect 6W-0L after a last shot victory on the noon draw over Dean North (Carman). Anderson and Loreth are assured of being the two teams advancing to the Sunday playoff round from this group.

In Pool A, Graham McFarlane (AMCC) is also at 5W-0L and assured of advancing to the playoffs following a noon draw victory over Luc Audette (Lorette). Darren Perche (Charleswood) kept playoff hopes alive with an extra end steal to hand Paul Scinocca (St. Vital) a first loss. Scinocca with a 4W-1L record, Perche at 3W-2L, and Jesse McCullough (Fort Garry) also at 3W-2L all still have a chance to be the second playoff team from Pool A.

Pools C&D will be somewhat clarified after the 2:30 draw.

In Pool C, Derek Blanchard (AMCC) leads with a 4W-1L record. He plays 3W-1L Brett MacDonald (Fort Rouge). Dale Fust (La Salle), skipped by Randy Neufeld, is also at 3W-1L.

In Pool D, the situation is identical. Allan Croy (Petersfield), at 4W-1L, plays Travis Taylor (Brandon) who has a 3W-1L record. Andrew Irving (Fort Rouge) has the same 3W-1L record.

(11:30PM, October 29) ANDERSON WINS KEY GAME, IMPROVES TO 5-0 Corey Anderson’s Charleswood team has a perfect 5W-0L record with a game to play on Saturday in the Nature’s Bounty Men’s Cub Championship after a 7-3 victory Friday evening over previously unbeaten Trevor Loreth and his Granite team. At 3W-1L, Loreth is still in second place in Pool B.

Corey Anderson (r) and Justin Reischek consider the options.

With only a game to play on Saturday, Team Anderson may also have a significant advantage in Sunday’s playoff rounds as the other pool leaders and potential playoff teams will play at least two and possibly three games Saturday

In Pool A, Graham McFarlane (AMCC) and Paul Scinocca (St. Vital) are both perfect at 4W-0L with two to play.

In Pool C, Dale Fust’s La Salle team, skipped by Randy Neufeld, has a 3W-0L record and will play three on Saturday. Brett MacDonald (FRCC) and Derek Blanshard (AMCC) both have 3W-1L records and will play two Saturday.

The Pool D leaders, at 3W-1L, are Allan Croy (Petersfield) and Travis Taylor (Brandon). They’ll play two Saturday. At 2W-1L, three teams in Pool D have three games Saturday so more than the others, this group is still wide open. The three include Kelly Marnoch (Carberry), Brad Wainikka (Morden) and Andrew Irving (Fort Rouge)

(5PM OCTOBER 29) LORETH-ANDERSON MATCH A KEY GAME UPCOMING IN BRANDON: It is still too early in the event to make much of the developing story at Manitoba’s Nature’s Bounty Men’s Club Championship but there is no doubt that the late draw (9pm) tonight has a key game in Pool B. Trevor Loreth and his Granite team, at 3W-0L, and Corey Anderson and his Charleswood team, at 4W-0L) both won on the afternoon draw. The two meet tonight and if both continue to lead the way in that pool, the winner of the game will have the advantage in that all-important win between the two.

Play continues through Sunday in the Nature’s Bounty Men’s & Women’s Club Championships in Brandon

In Pool A, with wins this afternoon, Graham McFarlane and his Assiniboine Memorial team improved to 4W-0L while Paul Scinocca of St. Vital improved to 3W-0L.

In Pool C, the Dale Fust team from LaSalle, skipped by Randy Neufeld, is the lone unbeaten team with a 2W-0L record.

In Pool D, Allan Croy of Petersfield (3W-0L) and Kelly Marnoch of Carberry (2W-OL) are still unbeaten.

All records noted are as the 6PM draw goes on the ice in Brandon. Play continues with two draws yet Friday and five on Saturday.

In the Women’s competition, former champion DebMcCreanor’s LaSalle team leads Pool A with a 2W-0L record tied with Betty Buurma and her Carberry team. The Carberry foursome improved to 2W-0L this after when Buurma made a last rock angle raise takeout of a Kristin McLellan rock in the four foot. McLellan, with her last rock had made a double raise to the four foot to sit shot stone.

Former champion Stacey Fordyce and her Brandon team have a 3W-0L record to lead Pool B.