(February 2, 2022) The Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame has announced a 2022 Inductee class which includes a Builder, two Curlers, four teams, and two additions to the Olympic Curler category.

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Judy Brown

Builder: Judy Brown served as Manitoba Ladies Curling Association President in 1990-91. She was elected to the MLCA Board in 1984 and she was part of a progressive leadership who, among other things began the discussions about amalgamation of the MLCA and MCA and also encouraged a study of thinking-time timing a couple of decades before it became reality in championship curling. During her term as President, she was a member of the Board of Directors of the 1991 Winnipeg World Championship Committee and she ended her provincial volunteer career with six years on the Board, including two as President, of the Manitoba Curling Foundation. Judy Brown is the 21st Woman recognized as a Builder in the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame.

On the eve of the 2022 Olympics, two Manitoba-born champions are added this year to the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame Olympic Curler category. This category recognizes Manitobans with a strong Manitoba curling resume and an Olympic accomplishment with a team outside Manitoba.

Ryan Fry

Olympic Curler: Ryan Fry is a two-time Manitoba Junior champion skip and a Manitoba men’s champion third for Jeff Stoughton in 2007. Ryan’s curling legend continues to grow but he is already one of the most accomplished of Manitoba born curlers after success with Brad Gushue and Brad Jacobs. Specifically, of course, that includes the 2014 Olympic Gold Medal won with Team Brad Jacobs at Sochi.

Curling Canada Archival Photo: Carolyn Darbyshire

Olympic Curler: Carolyn Darbyshire – is actually the first former Manitoba champion to earn a medal at the Olympics. She was a member of the 1985 Manitoba Scott Tournament of Hearts champion team skipped by her mother Merline. A remarkable 25 years later, she played second on the silver medal-winning team skipped by Cheryl Bernard.

In the normal course of things, the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame honours teams and it honours individuals. In general, individual curlers are recognized for their career accomplishments – and generally that means both longevity and a high level of success with several teams. Sometimes one or more of those teams might already have been recognized – and such is the case with our two curler inductees today.

Team-mates on the 1995 Kerry Burtnyk world-champion team, which is already in the Manitoba Curling and Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame, Keith Fenton and Jeff Ryan in fact curled together in winning an MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate in 1981.

Keith Fenton

Curler:  Keith Fenton, between 1977 and 2011, competed in 23 Manitoba championships at the Junior (2), Men’s (18), Senior Men’s (1), and Mixed (2) levels. He is a one of a very small number of curlers who played with the Stoughton, Peters and Burtnyk at men’s provincial championships. He won the MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate four times – in 1981 with Jeff Ryan, and with Burtnyk in 1997, 1998 and 2001.

Jeff Ryan

Curler:  Jeff Ryan won his first championship with Mark Olson when they won the 1976 Junior Men’s Bonspiel. In addition to the MCA ‘Spiel Grand Aggregate he won with his own team in 1981, he won five with two different Burtnyk teams – in 1985 and 1986 and then again, the three he shares with Keith Fenton and Rob Meakin – in 1997, 1998 and 2001.

Their greatest frustration was no doubt 2001 when they won Manitoba but lost both the Brier final and the Olympic Trials final.  The highlight year was 1995 when Keith Fenton and Jeff Ryan, with Burtnyk and Meakin, won Manitoba, the Brier and the World Championship – the only Manitoba team to win a world title at home in Manitoba!

The 2022 induction class also includes four teams – the 2 senior men’s teams and 2 Master’s men’s teams who won all four of the Canadian championships available in 2001 and 2002….and in fact both teams in 2001 had one player in common – a rare accomplishment for Winston Warren to win two buffalos in the same year.

(l-r) Gary Ross, Winston Warren, Garry Smith, Ken Orr

2001 Canadian Senior Men’s Champion Team::  Winston was the third on the team skipped by Gary Ross and including Gary Smith and Ken Orr. 2001 was their second season competing together as a team. At the 2000 Manitoba Seniors, they had reached the playoffs but finished with a 5W – 3L record. The next year they won Manitoba with a 7W – 2L record. At the Canadian Seniors, where Gary Ross was named second team all-star skip, they had a 10W – 3L record and won the championship. For Gary Ross and Ken Orr it was the first, and only, provincial championship of their careers. For Gary Smith, it was a second senior title in a career which saw him later add three Masters titles. For Winston Warren, it was the first of two championships won in the same season – he has a total of seven Manitoba championships in Mixed, Men’s, Senior’s and Masters’ competition. Gary Ross, Garry Smith and Winston Warren have all been previously inducted into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame in individual categories. This is a posthumous induction for Garry Smith.

(l-r) Barry Coleman, Winston Warren, Don Duguid, Barry Fry

2001 Canadian Masters Champion Team: Winston Warren’s second championship that season came at second for Barry Fry and Don Duguid with Barry Coleman at lead.  They were undefeated with a 9W – 0L record at provincials and went on to win the Canadian title with a 6W – 2L record. With individual and team honours, this is the fourth induction into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame for both Barry Fry and Don Duguid- and as previously mentioned, this is the second in the same day and third total for Winston Warren. It is a posthumous induction for Barry Fry.

There are not many occasions when a Canadian Championship title has been defended by a completely different team – but it happened twice in 2002.

(l-r) Carl German, Ray Fillion, Ray McDougall, Brian Copeland

2002 Canadian Senior Men’s Champion Team: The first Canadian championship banner to hang in the East St. Paul curling club was won by Carl German’s team in 2002. Carl German and Ray Fillion were all-star skip and third respectively and they were joined by Ray McDougall and Brian Copeland in posting an 11W-2L record to give Manitoba a repeat Canadian Senior Men’s Championship. That year, the WCF started a World Senior championship – but Carl was ineligible to compete in that inaugural Worlds event in Bismarck, ND due to differing age standards for Senior competition at the Canadian and World levels. Ron Westcott joined the team and led them to a 4W – 2L round-robin record. They won a playoff game but lost the final. Their silver medal is the first Senior Worlds medal won by a Manitoba team and Ron Westcott is included with the four members of the Carl German team in this induction.

(l-r) Ken grove, John Usackis, Bob Lesko, Richard Schroeder

2002 Canadian Masters Champion Team: Also a five-man team -Ken Grove, John Usackis, Bob Lesko, and Richard Schroeder won the 2002 Canadian Master’s Championship with a 7W-2L record. In this case, Ken Grove was the fill-in. Orest Meleschuk had skipped the team to the Manitoba championship with an 8W-1L record but due to a health situation, Orest was unable to compete at the national event. They recruited Ken Grove who had won the 2000 Manitoba Senior Men’s championship. Orest Meleschuk and John Usackis are both previous Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame inductees.  It is a posthumous induction for both Ken Grove and Bob Lesko, for whom it is a first induction.


(5PM: November 14) Lionel Walz and his team from Pembina CC (Gord MacKay, Bill Mamchuk, Brian DeRiviere) won the 2nd Bob Picken-Valour Road Master’s Bonspiel today at the Thistle Curling Club, winning the Global News Radio – 680 CJOB Championship final.

Walz posted an 8-2, six end win over Carl German’s East St. Paul foursome. German led 2-1 after three ends and appeared in control on the fourth but Walz’ third, Gord MacKay made a double runback to remove one of two German stones in the four foot circle. Not yet out of trouble, the Walz team benefitted from the German team’s misfortune when a jam removed that second rock. By the end of that fourth end, Walz had a steal of three and a 4-2 lead enroute to the six-end win.

Global News Radio – 680 CJOB Championship
001 313 xx =8

020 000 xx =2

In the St. James Rehabilitation Physiotherapy event, Dave Fisher jumped out to a three point lead after two ends but Karen Sheldon (skipping the Nancy Scammell entry) fought back to tie after six ends. Sheldon forced Fisher to a single on the seventh and had an open hit with her last rock for victory.

St. James Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Center
030 010 10 =5

KAREN SHELDON (Nancy Scammell entry)
001 002 03 =7

In the Valour Road Past President event, Ron Westcott (skipping the Larry Dewis entry) took one on the second end after blanking the first – but never scored again. After scoring a single on the third end, Dave Johannson made a 4-rock combination raise to remove a Westcott rock in the four foot and set of a steal. He set up another steal on the fifth end when he made an angle raise to remove another Westcott four-foot counter. The game ended after six with a Johannson steal of three more when Westcott’s last rock could not negotiate a very narrow port on an attempted draw to the four foot.

Valour Road Past President Event
001 002 x =6

RON WESTCOTT (Larry Dewis entry)
0010 000 x =1

Although there was a relatively small entry of only 12 teams, due mainly to a rescheduling from early in the year as a covid precaution, the bonspiel has been deemed to be a success. Planning for the third Bob Picken Masters Bonspiel, including the question of scheduling for 2022, will be beginning in the near future.

(5PM: November 13) WALZ, GERMAN UNBEATEN, PLAY FOR CHAMPIONSHIP …. Final round wins by Lionel Walz (over Laurie Hogg) and Carl German (over Bruce Burton) while Ron Westcott was losing to Don Archer leaves Walz and German the only undefeated teams and set to meet in Sunday’s Bob Picken ‘Spiel championship final.


Five teams finished with 2W-1L records. Despite the last shot kill for two, and the win over Westcott, Archer’s team will find themselves on the outside looking in as the three event final games take place


Walz and German will play for the Global News Radio 680 CJOB championship.

Based on the bonspiel’s tiebreaker formula, Dave Fisher will play Nancy Scammell in the St. James Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Center Ltd. event and Westcott, skipping the Larry Dewis entry, will play Dave Johannson in the Valour Road Past President event.

The three finals are set for 10AM Sunday at the Thistle Curling Club.

(8PM: November 12) THREE TEAMS AT 2W-0L in PICKEN BONSPIEL …. It was a dramatic end to the second day of play in the Bob Picken-Valour Road Masters Bonspiel at Winnipeg`s Thistle Curling Club (formerly the Valour Road CC) as Laurie Hogg threw a wide out-turn tap of his own stone to full four foot, a count of three, and a 7-6 win.

Watching the shot come down the ice, Brian Kushner was convinced he was only giving up two and a tie – he was preparing to go to an extra end. Watching the draw run down the ice, Hogg thought he had missed – admitting he was trying to throw a draw that had to curl inside his own stone to get to the four-foot circle for the third point.

Hogg, who won the first Bob PIcken Bonspiel in 2019, has a 1W-1L record after two games. Within his pool, Hogg trails former Manitoba Senior Men`s champion Lionel Walz who improved to 2W-0L with a win today over Karen Sheldon (skipping the Nancy Scammell entry). Walz led 6-5 coming home and Sheldon just missed on a last shot attempt to rub and roll to the four foot circle for a tie and an extra end.

Former Canadian Senior men`s champion Carl German posted his second win, a short game victory over the Coutts entry while another former Manitoba champion, Ron Westcott (skipping the Larry Dewis entry) beat Norm Magnusson to also improve to 2W-0L.

(9PM: November 11) WINTER RETURNS AS PICKEN `SPIEL OPENS ….. The Bob Picken Masters Bonspiel at Thistle was greeted today by the first blast of winter but the veteran curlers entered in the bonspiel have seen worse in their time. All games started on schedule.

Keen ice greeted the players and more than one of them was heard to marvel at the amount of curl – conducive to a lot of rocks in play in most games.

Nancy Scammel opened the bonspiel with a win over Laurie Hogg, who won the 2019 version of the bonspiel. Scammel and two of her teammates are former Manitoba Masters Women`s champion.

Former Manitoba Senior Men`s champions Ron Westcott (skipping the Larry Dewis entry), Carl German, and Lionel Walz all won their opening games. Wins were also posted by Barry Mandryk (skipping the Bruce Burton entry) and by Don Archer.

 (10PM: November 10) BOB PICKEN MASTERS BONSPIEL THIS WEEKEND….The Bob Picken-Valour Road Masters Bonspiel takes place November 11-14 at the Thistle Curling Club.

The second Bob Picken Bonspiel is occurring over two years after the original bonspiel in 2019 due to the covid-cancellation of last year’s curling season and a decision by the committee to move the bonspiel later into the season for this year.

That decision was made recognizing that the older demographic involved in the bonspiel should be given a few weeks of club curling to “get their feet under them again” before taking on the challenge of several days in a row curling.

The bonspiel is going ahead with a smaller field of 12 teams playing a round-robin in three pools of four. The teams will play a game a Thursday (1PM & 3:30PM), Friday (1PM & 3:30PM) and Saturday (10AM & 1PM) and six teams will advance to playoffs on Sunday.

Among the competing teams are former Manitoba champions Carl German, Lionel Walz, and Ron Westcott (with the Larry Dewis entry).

The bonspiel’s Championship is sponsored by GLOBAL NEWS RADIO – 680 CJOB where Bob’s sports reports at “25 after the hour” were the go-to for sports fans, and especially curling fans, in Manitoba for many years.

The other events are the St. James Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Center Ltd. and the Valour Road Curling Club Past President events, named in honour of the sponsor and in tribute to Bob Picken who had also served as a Valour Road CC President.

Other contributing supporters include Asham Curling Supplies, INHOUSE Strategies,, and the Thistle Curling Club.

Proceeds from the bonspiel will continue to find the Bob Picken Junior Legacy Fund. After the 2019 bonspiel grants of $500 each were provided to support the junior programs at the Thistle, Oakville and Riverview Curling Clubs. Plans for junior program support in 2021 will be announced in the near future.