Sixteen years later, Canada will send a gold medal winning skip back to the Olympics. In 2006, Brad Gushue and his long time third Mark Nicholls won in their first trip to the Olympics. This time with Brett Gallant and Geoff Walker they’ll go to Beijing looking for a second gold medal. Sunday afternoon, Team Gushue defeated Brad Jacobs, the 2014 gold medal winner, 4-3 to win the Canadian Curling Trials.

Jacobs had beaten Kevin Koe in the Saturday afternoon semi-final.

TEAM MCEWEN Curling Canada/ Michael Burns Photo

(10PM:, Friday, Nov.26) 1-2-3 GUSHUE-JACOBS-KOE IN MEN’S TRIALS PLAYOFFS … In the end, disappointment for Manitoba’s Mike McEwen team. A pair of losses on the final day, to Brad Jacobs (9-5) and Brad Gushue (6-4), and a pair of wins by Kevin Koe means that Gushue finishes #1, Jacobs #2, and Koe #3.

The three, all former Canadian curling Olympic team skips, will play to see who goes back to the Olympics. Jacobs vs Koe in the semi-final, winner plays Gushue.

Curling Canada/ Michael Burns Photo

Jason Gunnlaugson’s final day was the same as McEwen’s – a pair of losses, one to Koe and one to Matt Dunstone.

7-1 Brad Gushue (Nfld-Labrador)
7-1 Brad Jacobs (N.Ontario)
6-2 Kevin Koe (Alberta)
4-4 Mike McEwen (Manitoba)
3-5 John Epping (Ontario)
3-5 Brendan Bottcher (Alberta)
3-5 Matt Dunstone (Saskatchewan)
2-6 Jason Gunnlaugson (Manitoba)
1-7 Tanner Horgan (Ontario)

(10PM: Thursday, Nov. 25) TASK SIMPLE FOR MCEWEN – JUST BEAT JACOBS AND GUSHUE … Mike McEwen’s Manitoba team will have a direct impact Friday on the final standings at the Canadian Curling Trials in Saskatoon.

After a win today (6-2 over John Epping) Team McEwen plays the top two teams in the field, Brad Gushue (6-1) and Brad Jacobs (5-1) on Friday. A pair of wins will give McEwen an assured playoff spot – as simple as that!

Jason Gunnlaugson has a 2W-4L record after a 7-6 loss today to Brendan Bottcher. However, the Morris team can do a huge favor Team McEwen by winning their Friday morning game with Kevin Koe, who meets John Epping on the final draw of the round-robin.

6-1 Brad Gushue (Nfld-Labrador)
5-1 Brad Jacobs (N.Ontario)
4-2 Kevin Koe (Alberta)
4-2 Mike McEwen (Manitoba)
3-3 John Epping (Ontario)
2-4 Jason Gunnlaugson (Manitoba)
2-5 Brendan Bottcher (Alberta)
1-5 Tanner Horgan (Ontario)
1-5 Matt Dunstone (Saskatchewan)

(10PM: Wednesday, Nov. 24) A WIN & A LOSS FOR MANITOBA’S MEN ON WEDNESDAY AT THE TRIALS … The Wednesday record for Mike McEwen and Jason Gunnlaugson and their Manitoba teams mirrored Tuesday as both teams had a win and a loss.

For Team Gunnlaugson, a loss to Brad Jacobs (7-5) in the morning was followed by a win over Brad Gushue (7-6) in the evening, which was Gushue’s first loss.

For Team McEwen, a morning win over Tanner Horgan (6-5) preceded an evening loss to Kevin Koe.

The Jacobs and Koe wins move them into a tie for second place but still only a win behind Gushue. At 3-2 McEwen in still in the chase. He must yet play Epping, who he is tied with, plus Gushue and Jacobs so the Manitoba team can completely change the standings with three wins.

5-1 Brad Gushue (Nfld-Labrador)
4-1 Brad Jacobs (N.Ontario)
4-1 Kevin Koe (Alberta)
3-2 Mike McEwen (Manitoba)
3-2 John Epping (Ontario)
2-3 Jason Gunnlaugson (Manitoba)
1-4 Tanner Horgan (Ontario)
1-5 Brendan Bottcher (Alberta)
1-5 Matt Dunstone (Saskatchewan)

(10PM: Tuesday, Nov. 23) A WIN & A LOSS FOR MANITOBA’S MEN ON TUESDAY AT THE TRIALS .. A Jason Gunnlaugson and his Morris team got their first loss Tuesday while Mike McEwen’s West St. Paul foursome had their first loss in the Tim Hortons Canadian Curling Trials in Saskatoon, Tuesday.

Team Gunnlaugson’s first win after three losses came over Tanner Horgan’s Ontario team – an 11-6 victory.

McEwen’s loss was also a first win for Brier champion Brendan Bottcher, who posted a blow out 10-2 victory.

4-0 Brad Gushue (Nfld-Labrador)
3-1 Brad Jacobs (N.Ontario)
2-1 Kevin Koe (Alberta)
2-1 Mike McEwen (Manitoba)
2-2 John Epping (Ontario)
1-2 Tanner Horgan (Ontario)
1-2 Jason Gunnlaugson (Manitoba)
1-3 Brendan Bottcher (Alberta)
0-4 Matt Dunstone (Saskatchewan)

(10PM: Monday, Nov. 22) MCEWEN UNBEATEN AFTER DAY THREE IN SASKATOON .. After three days of play at the Tim Hortons Canadian Curling Trials, Mike McEwen’s Manitoba team is one of three unbeaten teams on the Men’s side of the draw.

Team McEwen has a 2W-0L record and sit a win behind two former Olympic gold medalists; Brad Gushue (Nfld-Labrador) and Brad Jacobs (N.Ontario).

The West St. Paul team opened with a win Saturday 7-2 over former Manitoba Junior champion Matt Dunstone (Saskatchewan), had the Sunday bye, and defeated fellow Manitoban Jason Gunnlaugson 11-2 Monday afternoon.

3-0 Brad Jacobs (N.Ontario)
3-0 Brad Gushue (Nfld-Labrador)
2-0 Mike McEwen (Manitoba)
2-1 Kevin Koe (Alberta)
1-1 Tanner Horgan (Ontario)
1-2 John Epping (Ontario)
0-2 Jason Gunnlaugson (Manitoba)
0-3 Matt Dunstone (Saskatchewan)
0-3 Brendan Bottcher (Alberta)