Eighteen young curlers from across Manitoba met at the Heather Curling Club Sunday for CurlManitoba’s Hit-Draw-Tap provincial championship.

The 18 were the final qualifiers from among over 500 who had started at the club level and then qualified through regionals. Three of the actual 21 qualifiers, one from each region in each of three age groupings, were unable to attend.

Hit-Draw-Tap age group winners (l-r) Seth Marques (Burntwood), Connor O’Rourke (Riverview), Alexandre Crevier (Ste. Anne)

After the three rounds of play, the age group winners were:

Age 6-8: #1 Connor O’Rourke – Riverview (Brandon)
Age 6-8: #2 Lucas Rothenburger – Morden
Age 6-8: #3 Cade Chubey – East St. Paul

Age 9-10: #1 Seth Marques – Burntwood (Thompson)
Age 9-10: #2 Robert Daher – Stonewall
Age 9-10: #3 Claire Bartley – Deer Lodge (Winnipeg)

Age 11-13: #1 Alexandre Crevier – Ste Anne
Age 11-13: #2 Kate Patterson – Swan River
Age 11-13: #3 Sinead Convery – Morden

Competition special guests, Manitoba Junior Women’s Champion Team Tober, provided sweeping for the young curlers’ shots. Team member Stephanie Feeleus was the first Manitoba champion to have previously participated in the provincial Hit-Draw-Tap competition. She had participated in the first competition in Portage in 2017.

The 18 Hit-Draw-Tap with the ‘World’s Tallest Curling Trophy’

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