Kristy Watling (Assiniboine Memorial) Hailey Ryan, Emilie Rafnson, Sarah Pyke and Coach Jim Watling have advanced to the Manitoba Scotties Tournament of Hearts final game with an 8-6 semi-final victory over the Kaitlyn Jones/Abby Ackland team.

A score of two, as a bounceback after giving up a three ender on the fifth end, was one of three deuces scored by Team Watling in the game. A stolen two on the third gave them a 3-1 lead and a stolen two on the seventh gave them an 8-4 lead.

Team Watling will take on the Altona team of Mackenzie Zacharias, Karlee Burgee, Emily Zachariasn, Lauren Lententine and Coach Sheldon Zacharias in the 4PM final game on Carberry.

An end-by-end semi-final recap follows.

Sportsnet’s Joan McCusker prepares to interview the winner – Kristy Watling

END 10: The obvious centre guards went up early but it was an open end. With a stone in the four foot and a centre guard partially covering it, Jones’ attempt to put a second stone in the rings came up short. Watling removed the single counter and the game ended 8-6, earning Watling the Sportsnet interview!

WATLING: Assiniboine Memorial (throwing Red)
012 102 200
JONES/ACKLAND: Assiniboine Memorial (throwing Yellow)
100 030 011

END 9: Up three with hammer, Wating may have been over-cautious and a couple of half shots left her facing three Jones counters with her final stone. A double kill gave her a two point lead coming home.

END 8: When Watling rolled her last stone to the cluster at the side of the eight foot circle, Jones was left with only a draw for one.

END 8: Down four, Jones played the corner guards, Watling played the centre of the rings. With skip stones to come, it was the first wide open end of the game. Watling was facing two with her first and rolled from centre to sit in front of the second Jones counter. Jones attempting a freeze did not curl up enough. Watling banged it out and sat two in front of the Jones stone, forcing a draw for one.

END 7: Jones had a last shot hit for a possible double for two but could not navigate a fairly generous port, wrecked and gave up a steal of two to trail 8-4.

END 6: Ackland’s stone had to curl up a little more to tap the yellow Jones stone out past the stone in the back 8 foot circle

END 6: Attempting to remove the Watling shot stone, Jones’ first rock wrecked on her own second shot and left Watling lying four. She threw a guard with her first and Jones’ draw attempt to cut down the end slid deep in the four foot. Watling’s tapback for a possible five needed to curl up just a little more She pushed the Jones stone to contact one of her own in the back of the eight foot. Watling scored two but lost the measure for a third.

END 5: Playing confidently with a 3 point lead, Watling established a stone biting the back of the button. She gave Jones a break when her first shot draw, to put a second stone in the four foot, rubbed a Jones stone and left Jones a possible double kill. Jones jammed. An Ackland attempt to hit and roll another stone into the four foot back-fired when Ackland rubbed her own stone into the open and left Jones a hit for three.

END 4: Attempting to angle raise the yellow stone right of centre line biting the 8 foot, Jones wrecked on the red guard at the camera lens

END 4: With one stone each to come, Jones had shot rock along with #3, 4, 5, & 6. Watling’s draw to the shot stone in the four foot tapped it back a few inches. The separation tempted Jones to play an angle raise take out for at least two, maybe more if the angles were right. Jones over-curled, wrecked, and gave up another steal of one.

END 3: Play continued in the four foot circle, a Kristy Watling draw to the four foot forced Kaitlyn Jones to play a hit which went bad. It jammed out her own stone, she rolled harmlessly away and Watling stole two.

END 2: Watling attempt to double out the yellows failed. Watling scored one.

END 2: Aggressive play by Team Jones forced Watling to play most of the end in the four foot circle. A last shot difficult double for two didn’t work out and Watling put one of her own on the scoreboard.

END 1: The game was on right from the start – 14 rocks still in play after the final shot. Abby Ackland set the Jones team up to count with an angle raise to tap a buried rock to the button with her second stone but that was all they could score. With last rock, Jones’ wide in-turn draw needed to bit the button for a second point – a tough shot which didn’t succeed. Team Jones forced to take one with the hammer.

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