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Jubilation for Jennifer Jones and her team and heartbreak for Tracey Fleury and her team, as Fleury’s last stone on an extra end, an attempted tapback for victory, over-curled and rubbed a guard. Jennifer Jones, Kaitlyn Lawes, and Dawn McEwen won gold undefeated eight years ago in Sochi. Kaitlyn also won gold in Pyeongchang in Mixed Doubles. Jocelyn Peterman is a first time Olympian. Fifth Lisa Weagle went to the Olympics in South Korea with Rachel Homan but will be looking for her first Olympic medal.

For Team Fleury – undefeated for nine full games but the taste of defeat for the first time in the 11th end of the final, next up is the Manitoba Scotties in Carberry. With Jones and Einarson absent from the field, they will be the over-whelming favourites to win and go to the national Scotties as Team Manitoba.

Curling Canada/ Michael Burns Photo

(11PM: Saturday, Nov. 27) FLEURY-JONES FINAL IN THE WOMEN’S TRIALS .. A Manitoba team will represent Canada in Women’s Curling at the Beijing Olympics. Tracey Fleury and her East St. Paul team, who finished #1 in the round robin, will play Jennifer Jones and her St. Vital foursome, who finished #2 and won the Saturday evening semi-final.

Krista McCarville team lost that semi-final 8-3 to Jones. McCarville’s Northern Ontario team had reached the semi-final with a 4-3 extra end win over Kerri Einarson. The Gimli team had won the first tiebreaker game over Casey Scheidegger.

(7PM: Friday, Nov. 26) MANITOBA WOMEN’S TEAMS #1 & #2, PLAYOFF FOR #3 AT THE TRIALS .. Tracey Fleury and her East St. Paul foursome played, and beat, former Olympic gold medalist Jennifer Jones and her St. Vital team in the Canadian Curling Trials. They had already assured themselves of the bye to the Sunday final. The 7-6 win gave Team Fleury an undefeated record and, perhaps more important, if/when they play Jones again they have that knowledge they have already beaten Jones once.

To advance, Team Einarson faces a three game day Saturday. In Tiebreaker #1 at 9AM, Einarson plays Scheidegger. The winner plays against McCarville in Tiebreaker #2. The winner plays Jones in the semi-final at 7PM

Team Jones finished in 2nd place with their 5-3 record. Their playoff gamed will be against the survivor of a three game tiebreaker draw.

Kerri Einarson was positioned to grab the third playoff spot with a win but lost 8-4 to Kelsey Rocque. With a final record of 4W-4L. the Gimli team is tied with Krista McCarville, who had already completed their 8 games and with Casey Scheidegger, who defeated Rachel Home on the final draw.

Curling Canada/ Michael Burns Photo

8-0 Tracey Fleury (Manitoba)
5-3 Jennifer Jones (Manitoba)
4-4 Krista McCarville (N. Ontario)
4-4 Kerri Einarson (Manitoba)
4-4 Casey Scheidegger (Alberta)
3-5 Laura Walker (Alberta)
3-5 Kelsey Roque (Alberta)
3-5 Jacqueline Harrison (Ontario)
2-6 Rachel Homan (Ontario

(10PM: Thursday, Nov. 25) FLEURY UNDEFEATED, EARNS BYE TO THE TRIALS FINAL … Tracey Fleury and her East St. Paul team won a pair of games today (11-7 over Laura Walker, 10-3 over Casey Scheidegger) and have assured themselves of finishing first in the Canadian Curling Trials round robin.

They will have the bye to the final, a win away from the trip to the Olympics, no matter the result of their Friday game against Jennifer Jones and her St. Vital team.

Jones lost 7-5 to Rachel Homan and has a 5W-2L record and needs to beat Fleury to be assured of second place in the standings.

Kerri Einarson’s Gimli team takes on Kelsey Roque (currently 2W-5L) and needs a win to be assured of a playoff spot. With a loss she would be tied for third with Krista McCarville who has finished at 4W-4L.

7-0 Tracey Fleury (Manitoba)
5-2 Jennifer Jones (Manitoba)
4-3 Kerri Einarson (Manitoba)
4-4 Krista McCarville (N. Ontario)
3-4 Laura Walker (Alberta)
3-4 Casey Scheidegger (Alberta)
2-5 Jacqueline Harrison (Ontario)
2-5 Rachel Homan (Ontario
2-5 Kelsey Roque (Alberta)

(6PM: Wednesday, Nov. 24) FLEURY, JONES IMPROVE TO 5 WINS IN SASKATOON …They needed an extra end but Tracey Fleury and her East St. Paul team bested Jacqueline Harrison this afternoon at the Tim Hortons Canadian Curling Trials in Saskatoon to improve their perfect record to 5W-0L. As the only team with a perfect record, Team Fleury sits in first place in the women’s Trials.

A loss behind is Jennifer Jones and her St. Vital team with a 5W-1L record following their Wednesday afternoon victory over Kelsey Roque and two wins back are Kerri Einarson (Gimli) and Krista McCarville (N. Ontario) after McCarville’s win over Einarson.

5-0 Tracey Fleury (Manitoba)
5-1 Jennifer Jones (Manitoba)
3-3 Krista McCarville (N. Ontario)
3-3 Kerri Einarson (Manitoba)
2-3 Laura Walker (Alberta)
2-3 Jacqueline Harrison (Ontario)
2-3 Casey Scheidegger (Alberta)
1-4 Rachel Homan (Ontario
1-4 Kelsey Roque (Alberta)

(10PM: Tuesday, Nov. 23) MANITOBA WOMEN TOP 3 IN SASKATOON … Tracey Fleury and her East St. Paul team are the only unbeaten team left in the women’s Canadian Curling Trials in Saskatoon. Team Fleury handed Rachel Homan’s Ontario team their third loss, an 8-3 Fleury win.

At the same time, a dramatic last shot victory for Kerri Einarson’s Gimli team over previously unbeaten Jennifer Jones and her St. Vital foursome handed Team Jones their first loss in five starts Tuesday in Saskatoon.

Team Einarson jumped out to a 6-0 three end lead but trailed 9-8 coming home. When Jones was inches heavy on her last stone draw to split the rings, Einarson played a hit for two and victory.

4-0 Tracey Fleury (Manitoba)
4-1 Jennifer Jones (Manitoba)
2-3 Kerri Einarson (Manitoba)
2-2 Jacqueline Harrison (Ontario)
2-3 Casey Scheidegger (Alberta)
2-3 Krista McCarville (N. Ontario)
1-3 Rachel Homan (Ontario
1-3 Laura Walker (Alberta)
1-3 Kelsey Roque (Alberta)

(10PM: Monday, Nov. 22) JONES, FLEURY BOTH WIN TO STAY PERFECT IN SASKATOON .. With wins Monday evening, Jennifer Jones and her St. Vital team improved to 4W-0L and Tracey Fleury and her East St. Paul team improved their perfect record to 3W-0L.

Team Jones, was a 7-5 winner Monday evening over Casey Scheidegger (Alberta). On the weekend, they had posted wins over Krista McCarville (N. Ontario), Jacqueline Harrison (Ontario), and Laura Walker (Alberta).

Team Fleury’s Monday evening win was a 9-2 victory over Krista McCarville (N. Ontario. On Sunday, they defeated Kelsey Roque (Alberta) and they opened Saturday with a win over Manitoba’s 2-time reigning Canadian Scotties champion Kerri Einarson.

After the opening loss to Fleury, Team Einarson has a record of 2W-2L, with wins over Casey Scheidegger and Laura Walker (both Alberta) and a loss to Harrison.

4-0 Jennifer Jones (Manitoba)
3-0 Tracey Fleury (Manitoba)
2-1 Jacqueline Harrison (Ontario)
2-2 Kerri Einarson (Manitoba)
2-2 Casey Scheidegger (Alberta)
1-2 Rachel Homan (Ontario
1-2 Laura Walker (Alberta)
1-3 Krista McCarville (N. Ontario)
0-3 Kelsey Roque (Alberta)

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